Location - Parathinalos Studios on Lemnos Island, Kaspakas


The hostel is located in Agios Ioannis – the Kaspakas seaport village, located 7 km from the capital of Limnos, Myrina. The beach of Agios Ioannis is one of the largest and most picturesque of the island. Small bays, each with its own style: sandy, rocky or pebbly (“Tourkos”, “Prassas”, “Karvounolakkas” etc.).

The rooms are “para thin alos”, literally “on the beach”! Garden with flowers, vines, small trees, grass and stone structures dominate the space. The spacious parking and a quiet café complete your pleasant stay.

The quietness, the view and the sound of the sea offer serenity and relaxation to visitors. Book your ferry tickets and Travel to Lemnos!


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